1. SOGIESC 101: SOGIESC is a person’s Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Expression, and Sex Characteristics. Learn more about SOGIESC:
  2. Pronouns: Utilization of chosen pronouns empowers a person’s gender identity. Learn more about the relation of pronouns and gender identity:
  3. LGBTQ+ terms/Language
  4. Bi The Way: Debunking Claims About Bisexuality
  5. Primers 


  1. View currently available HIV/AIDS facilities in the Philippines. This online Dathaton is in partnership with MapBeks and TLF Share. Access it here:
  2. The HIV/AIDS facilities map was authored by Xavier Bilon in 2019.


  1. No TERFs on Our Turf!: TERFs are radical feminists who exclude transgender people in the feminist movement.
    Learn more:

SOGIE Equality Bill

  1. The SOGIE Equality Bill, also known as the Anti-Discrimination Bill, is a bill intended to fulfill the equal protection clause in the 1987 constitution. The bill is meant to protect and ensure a person’s human rights regardless of their SOGIESC. Read and learn more about the bill:!.pdf
  2. Anti-Discrimination Ordinances in the Philippines: View areas in the Philippines with Anti-Discrimination Ordinances, authored by Xavier Bilon

Sexual and Reproductive Health Awareness

  1. Let’s talk about sex, baby! Learn more about SRHR education and why it’s important.

Building Inclusive Spaces for People With Disabilities

  1. The Way Forward: Learn how to support our friends with disabilities.
    Read more:

Other Resources

  1. Metro Manila Pride
  2. TLF Share